29 Aug '14

News Elitism and a skewed view of Britains diversity

Simon Jenkinss patronising dismissal of the recent findings in the report by the social mobility and child poverty commission reflects exactly what the report says: that an elite is running the country and is out of touch with ordinary citizens (Merit is not the be-all and end-all of good leadership, 29 August). In writing that most countries are run largely by the products of middle-class education, Jenkins ignores Britains bloated private education system that is not replicated in any other European country. He also uses the term middle class in a meaningless way if he equates it with our present wealthy and privileged ruling elite. The middle class by definition is in the middle!Finally he writes that all evils starting with the education system is the oldest of cliches. It is, though, a basic truth that if you allow a wealthy minority to effectively jump the educational queue by paying for the education of their children, you are helping to cement elite structures that dominate all sections of society. Only the abolition of private schooling and decent state education can bring about genuine equality of opportunity as the most progressive European nations demonstrate.John GreenLondon Continue reading...

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