22 Jul '14

News Extremist? Steiner schools are no such thing | Sylvie Sklan

We don't operate in secret, and our methods have been proven by 100 years of success, says Sylvie SklanLaura McInerney compares Steiner schools to religious fundamentalist schools based on the fact that "views [in Steiner schools] also fall outside 'the norm'" (Trojan horse: why some 'extremists' are more acceptable than others, 17 June). This misses the point. The educational practices in our schools may have been created as a result of the personal insights of Rudolf Steiner, but they have endured because their effectiveness has been shown over nearly 100 years.McInerney also argues that the government's actions in Birmingham are in sharp contrast to its support for, and secrecy over, Steiner schools. There has been nothing secret about this government's and the previous administration's support for the principle that mainstream provision benefits by including different models of education. Continue reading...

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