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18 Nov '14

News Finally! A use for algebra in real life | Tim Dowling

It turns out that those maths classes only come in handy when you’re cornered by a camera 35 years laterSitting in the back row at a sixth-form open day, listening to how recent changes to AS-levels will affect me (they won’t, is my understanding, because I’m not the one entering sixth-form next year), I was reminded of an evening last week when I was briefly put before a video camera and asked, “What’s the most important thing you learned at school?”It was like being back at school – I struggled to come up with an honest-sounding reply that was close to what I imagined my questioner wanted to hear: “a love of the written word”, or “the importance of learning from one’s mistakes”. But neither of these is actually true, and I couldn’t give the real answer, which was: “never use the east stairwell as a shortcut between the cafeteria and maths; there’s probably someone waiting on the landing to beat you up, and your strangled cries will go unheard.” Continue reading...

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