19 Aug '14

News Focusing on traditional GCSE subjects will put Britain at the top of the class | Alison Wolf

After the reforms I helped to bring about, pupils no longer amass qualifications employers and universities do not recognise. It should stay that wayAnother summers exam results, another set of guineapigs. The 18-year-olds who received their A-level grades last week, and the 16-year-olds whose GCSE results arrive on Thursday, are the first to be affected by the coalitions exam reforms. English governments are serial reformers and it is tempting to shout for them to leave things alone. Tempting, but wrong. These reforms should be welcomed.Of course, I would say this, wouldnt I? In 2011, I completed a review of vocational education for the government, and some of the reforms follow from that. But our exam system was deeply dysfunctional. I am delighted that thousands of barely known qualifications have been culled from this years league table calculations. And I strongly support the retreat from modularity and its endless exam-taking. Continue reading...

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