10 Aug '14

News Foster children need more than cash to help their school careers | Ashley John-Baptiste

I know from my experience as a care child, that, though Nicky Morgan's move is welcome, it's not enough to increase school fundsThe government last week pledged further funds to help adopted children in their school careers. The commitment is for an extra amount of almost £2,000, which will be available to all children who have been through care in an attempt to close the gap in their school performance. This is welcome news, and far from a bad start from the new education secretary Nicky Morgan. However, money alone will never satisfy the needs of children who have spent time in care.I was fostered for all of my childhood, and I still recall the strong sense of dislocation that I felt at primary school. I often saw myself as poles apart from other children for not having a family. Unfailingly, at the start of every school term, friends and I would huddle in the playground and share our holiday stories. But I seldom had a thrilling Christmas tale, or an impressive anecdote telling of some adventure embarked on with that archetypal trendy older cousin. Or there would be stories of generous grandparents, a quirky aunty, or funny fathers. In fact, everyone else seemed to have dynamic, life-changing relatives. During these exchanges, I would become quiet; I was overwhelmingly ashamed of being fostered. Continue reading...

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