2 Sep '14

News Free school meals should be for those who need them, not those who dont | Zoe Williams

This £1bn universal benefit is a punch in the face for the million people who need food banksHow much does it save, the kids getting free school meals? I know a fair amount about what it costs £2.30 a pupil, a day, plus £150m to make changes to the school and I know that, in schools that didnt already have a kitchen and dining room, thats not going to be enough. But it wasnt until this morning, when my year one daughter and year two son actually went to school, that it occurred to me: thats £800 a year, straight to me.This puts me in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with the former Gove special adviser Dominic Cummings that this is one of the most ill-considered policies to emerge from this government to date, and not for want of competition while simultaneously agreeing strongly with the civil servant who said to Cummings: Youre a mutant virus, Im the immune system and its my job to expel you from the organism. Continue reading...

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