21 Aug '14

News GCSE results: biggest gap in 11 years between boys and girls A*-C pass rate

Despite boys getting a higher share of A* grades they continue to fall behind across the board. We look at how this compares to past years and look at why girls continue to come out on topThe gap between the proportion of girls getting A*-C and boys is at its highest rate since 2003 despite boys getting a slightly higher share of A* grades. The GCSE results today showed the female A*-C rate was 73.1% compared to 64.3% for males, a gap of 8.8 percentage points and a small increase on last year. Having narrowed a little since 2000 it has widened again as English was one of the few subjects in 2009 to adopt 60 per cent controlled assessment (coursework under standard conditions). The huge gap seems to be due to the higher verbal abilities, on average, from an early age and a preference for course work and modular exams. The regulated lowering of GCSE grades in English in 2012 impacted more on boys. Continue reading...

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