29 Sep '14

News Given a chance, schoolchildren wont always behave badly | @guardianletters

Sir Michael Wilshaws comments attacking headteachers for bad pupil behaviour are not conducive to finding solutions (Headteachers too soft on unruly pupils Ofsted chief, 25 September. It echoes his highly critical comments two years ago about teachers who say they are stressed.We agree that low-level disruption in class is a real problem which must be addressed to help improve education standards, but what is the government doing to support teachers dealing with a range of abilities, ballooning class sizes and longer hours? The application of consistent behaviour policy, and teachers working with parents, is key to tackling this issue, but what teachers really need is sufficient continual professional development and the support of their headteachers, who in turn need to be backed up by properly trained governors. Continue reading...

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