30 Sep '14

News Glorious isolation for academy schools wont work | Toby Blume

We cant row back on academies, but we could have a duty to co-operate requiring all state schools to work with local councilsLately the government has been at pains to give the impression that it is taking an increasingly tough stance to make sure that free schools open only in places where there is true demand. So the news that a school in Brixton, south London, opened this month with just 17 students comes as a shock. Official figures from Lambeth, where the school is located, show the borough has a surplus of 200 year 7 places, so quite how the Department for Education allowed the school to open on a site that cost £18m is beyond belief. Questions should be asked about this to prevent such wastes of money in the future.What would Labour do about providing new school places? The partys education policy lacks clarity and detail, but Ed Balls told the recent party conference: We wont pay for new free schools in areas where there are excess school places. While this is welcome, Labour must be careful, as overall provision can mask a great deal of local difference. An overall surplus of places could mean half-empty faith or single-sex schools while comprehensives are bursting at the seams. Continue reading...

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