10 Jun '14

News Gove imposing 'British values' is simply old-school political meddling | Lola Okolosie

The 'Trojan horse' measures are nothing new but never mind those at the chalkface when you need a quick soundbiteHow can one best manage a government fiasco in such a way as to appear decisive and in control? Shift the focus of public indignation on to a scapegoat or two, preferably figures of opprobrium already existing in the national psyche it's just much easier that way. This cynical line of thought best explains Michael Gove's headline-grabbing "Trojan horse" measures.Schools will now have no-notice Ofsted inspections and have to teach "British values", both of which will strike those at the chalkface as decidedly customary rather than innovative, but who cares for details when soundbites are what you are after? The education secretary is being bullish after a bruising week. Continue reading...

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