15 Jul '14

News Gove is gone, but the Gove era endures | Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen, childrens laureate, reacts to the education secretarys departure, and the ongoing corporatisation of the classroom Michael Rosens series of letters to Michael GoveSo Michael Gove is going home. He is returning to the place where he is most comfortable, rubbing shoulders with the people who, in the words of Noam Chomsky, manufacture consent. He leaves behind an education system bulging on the branch waiting for the owners of giant corporations and education companies to pick parts of it off and gobble them up. Our children are already in schools working off multinational media companies digital worksheets disguised as innovative learning where strange disembodied voices say fromage and the students write cheese. And this is what Gove and pals call content-led education.Thanks to Gove, this kind of education has no need for qualified teachers. Students will need no more than a minder to check the student in question is glued to a tablet. And this is called removing the vested interests of trade unions, those wicked people who think that teaching needs some kind of professional training. Continue reading...

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