3 Jul '14

News Government should sponsor private day schools to boost equality

State-sponsored independent day schools are the only practical way to ensure more young people can benefit from the type of education usually reserved for the affluentThe new Sutton Trust report out today shows, for the first time, the long-term financial rewards a private education can buy. We've all suspected that attending an independent school confers certain advantages, but today's research, which is based on an independent analysis of data by the Social Market Foundation (SMF), is the first time the value of that advantage has been calculated.The report finds that children who attend private school will earn £194,000 more on average between the ages of 26 and 42 than their state-educated peers. Even when family background and early educational achievement are accounted for, the gap in earnings between someone who went to a private school and a state school counterpart persists at almost £60,000. Continue reading...

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