11 Nov '14

News Hidden army of young carers to be uncovered under new legislation? | Louise Tickle

Councils have a new duty to identify and support up to 700,000 children as young as six who care for ill parents but how will these young carers needs be met by social care services?Washing. Cleaning. Cooking. Shopping, says Antonia-Rae Budgen Davis, counting off the tasks on her fingers. I help mum get washed, help her put on her clothes, the fiddly ones. When Im not at school, I remind her to take her pills. And hoovering. I hate hoovering. But I like making food. I made mum pudding the other day four chocolate love hearts on a plate with whipped cream and bananas. She hugs a cushion, digs her chin hard into the top and grins. I read a lot of mums post too, and text messages and emails.Antonia-Rae is 11. She has been a carer for her mother, Lesley Davis, since she was six almost half of her short life three years after Davis had a stroke, aged 41. When Daviss relationship with Antonia-Raes father broke down, mother and daughter were left alone. Continue reading...

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