26 Sep '14

News Hillary Clinton's education plans, exam marking woes and unruly pupils

Education round up: This week theres been reports on everything from problems with marking this summer to the rise of low-level disruption in schoolsGirls in education. Former US secretary Hillary Clinton has announced a $600m (£370m) plan to help girls around the world attend secondary school. The former US secretary of state revealed it at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.@GuardianTeach @lapham_katie I'd say pen tapping within reason is OK during thinking or group time but not when listening to the teacher.@GuardianTeach When a student misbehave, he is simply saying- I am bored, please help me!!!@GuardianTeach Last days of summer. View from the Reception Class @RHSB_Juniors pic.twitter.com/EfdcSC1HVh@GuardianTeach: Is group work bad for quieter children? http://t.co/XYoC51RkO2. Like everything it has to be a question of balance Continue reading...

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