5 Nov '14

News History teachers on Twitter: who to follow

Looking for a list of top history teacher tweeters? We separate the wheat from the chaff to identify the best historians on Twitter Got someone for the list? Share your suggestions in the comments thread or via @GuardianTeachHistory teachers are well-versed with using creative techniques to explore historical subjects from web chats with professors to exploring the provenance of food. And just like the battle of the titans, when it comes to the best tweeters and bloggers on history there are some heavy weight contenders competing for the top spots.Weve put together a list of names as a starter for 10. Dont forget to add all the other fantastic suggestions in the comments section or via @GuardianTeach. Keep up with the latest history chat via #historyteacher or #historybants.At the Tower, viewing poppies, with everyone else in the world #historyteacherontour pic.twitter.com/FAkajYOUyyProductive day. This is what progress looks like for me! pic.twitter.com/dwCa0R94QVThis Käthe Kollwitz memorial to Karl Liebknecht (my fave item in #MemoriesOfANation) is amazing pic.twitter.com/OBOViFSVNoThis is why @LukeBagofNails is my favourite pub #pileokittens pic.twitter.com/TV2ealBlm9REVAMPED RESOURCE - Roman Army caption activity - homework or plenary activity http://t.co/vPBgHVN1b4Just watched Clare Balding's Secrets of a Suffragette documentary on Emily Davison. Essential viewing for teachers of this topic.Talkin' loud and sayin' nothin'? Progressive v Traditional teachers http://t.co/X2brOfffilPleased to see @berkhamsted6th students in Berkhamsted Market as part of Young Enterprise. Also there next Saturday. pic.twitter.com/NnALtCv0yR"Classroom Pilgrimages" - nice ideas for out-of-class learning : http://t.co/AWeWCMgKIl pic.twitter.com/pGXdMbeNHT#historyteacher 10 points if you know what this is :-) pic.twitter.com/1rpiqFRa Continue reading...

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