18 Jul '14

News How can a London mayor improve the city's schools?

Boris Johnson's interventions in London's education system raise interesting questions about the right role for the capital's mayors to playYou might think Boris Johnson's opinions about London schools boil down to an unshakeable belief that they could only be improved by more rugger, more Latin and more God - and, of course, more businessmen being in charge of them. And you would probably be right. You'd also be mostly right in thinking the mayor is mostly wrong. That doesn't mean, however, that his attempts to shape education in the capital should be dismissed out of hand.Recent initiatives highlight pros and cons. On Wednesday, the mayor announced a "guarantee" that he'd provide a permanent site in Fulham for the nascent Fulham Boys' School (FBS), a Church of England secondary "free school" for boys set up by a Tory wealth manager and promising all the Muscular Christianity you can eat. Continue reading...

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