27 Aug '14

News How I quadrupled the number of pupils taking German in my school

Award-winning modern languages teacher Sara Davidson explains why the most important language in Europe still has a cloud hanging over itSara Davidson is a German teacher and head of modern languages at Oundle School, Peterborough. While learning German is not always a popular choice among UK students, the number of sixth-formers taking it at Davidsons school has quadrupled thanks to her efforts to promote it in the past six years. In July 2014, she won an award from the German embassy for setting standards of excellence in the teaching of German as a foreign language in Britain.German is the most important language in Europe. Developments in the EU and German chancellor Angela Merkels efforts to make the country a more prominent power have boosted interest in German among students. Germany is the biggest exporting nation in Europe and there are many career opportunities in the country. The language is also in demand because, despite Germany having the largest number of native speakers in Europe, few people outside the country actually speak German. Continue reading...

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