12 Aug '14

News How should the rest of us spend A-level results day? | Patrick McGhee

As students anxiously await A-level exam results, Professor Patrick McGhee offers timely advice for others Raise your glass to teachers and college lecturers: despite the bureaucracy, demoralisation, pension threats, parents' evenings, progress reports, lack of progress reports, exclusion reports, inclusion reports, staff meetings, photocopying, homework setting, Ofsted dry runs, Ofsted visits, Ofsted postmortems and exam-board changes they still managed to squeeze something out of their dwindling professional preparation time (Sunday 10.05pm to quarter past midnight) and diminished direct teaching time slot (10.45am-11.10am every other Tuesday) to actually teach someone something. No one forgets a gifted decoder of AQA mark schemes. Continue reading...

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