13 Aug '14

News How to help your students on A-level results day: tips from teachers

Teachers will face a variety of scenarios when their students receive their A-level exam results tomorrow. Here are tips from our community on how to help on the dayMany teachers greet A-level results day with very mixed feelings. While there are always plenty of successes to celebrate, there are also always disappointed pupils who didnt get the grades they expected. What can teachers do to make sure pupils feel supported through the highs and lows of the day?We asked our teaching community to share their tips, which weve gathered below. If you have some advice youd like to share, head to the comments section or tweet us @GuardianTeach.Be prepared@GuardianTeach Accept that there will be tears - and try to embrace them - both good & bad. Oh and the students might cry as well as you! Continue reading...

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