18 Aug '14

News How to teach ... financial literacy

As of next month maths and citizenship teachers will need to tackle financial education, so we've gathered the best resources on money matters for the classroomWith financial education embedded in the new maths and citizenship curriculums for 2014, schools have a great opportunity to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to manage their personal finances.The finance education charity, MyBnk, has developed a Money Marathon Game. It takes 90 minutes to deliver and is an interactive set of quizzes and activities on a board game for secondary school students. You'll need the instructions for the game, an A3 printable version of the board and dice to play. There is also an excellent PowerPoint quiz that can be used as part of the game or as a standalone resource. Packed with jaw-dropping facts, the quiz introduces the concepts of saving, borrowing and interest. Also check out the Save-o-meter worksheet, which illustrates how a small amount of money saved regularly can add up. Continue reading...

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