30 Jun '14

News How to teach vital organs

Learning what makes us tick is fascinating and studying the body helps us understand how to stay healthy too. Check out our resources and find the way to your students' heartsThe human body is an amazing thing, and finding out about how it works is a great topic for learners of all ages. Not only is it a source of fascinating facts, but it's also a great way of learning about how to stay healthy. So this week we have a range of resources to bring life to lessons about our vital organs.A good way to start is by asking questions such as: What do we already know about vital organs? What do we want to find out? How are we going to find this out? and What skills do we want to gain? Pupils can then create a set of questions about the human body, such as 'How do we breathe?' or 'Why does my heart beat faster after running?' which they hope to answer by the end of the topic. Continue reading...

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