30 Oct '14

News I dont want my kid to end up on the scrapheap. So I send her private | Claire Hynes

Middle-class parents who choose state schools for their kids shouldnt be so smug. It does little for equalityToday thousands of parents seeking a secondary-school place for their children will be having a final mini-panic. The fiercely competitive application process for admissions is at an end, along with the seemingly endless school open-day trips and the scrutiny of Ofsted reports and league tables. Theyll have to wait until March to find out whether their child is to be offered a place at their first preference.Among them will be middle-class liberal-progressive types who could afford private education but choose to send their kids to state schools as a sign of solidarity with those of less privileged backgrounds. In their eyes, theyre doing their bit to address Britains huge and growing inequality gap. But what impact does this really have on equality? Do children from rich, middling and poor backgrounds all enjoy similar life chances by attending the same state school? Continue reading...

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