1 Oct '14

News I know students who buy essays online being ripped off I used to write them

A report this week has exposed online businesses who supply research guides for students. Here, a writer explains what its like to churn out essays on demandStudents who buy essays online are being ripped off, according to a report published this week by exam regulator Ofqual. The work they purchase is written by relatively competent writers, but who have an almost universal ignorance of the scope of the work and an utter lack of in-depth analysis. This is completely true. I worked for two of these companies, both from home and in-house, which at one point saw 15 of us crammed into the bosss attic.Ofquals researchers paid up to £220 for essays, but only a fraction of that money goes to the actual writer, who can earn as little as £24 for every 1,000 words. To earn a reasonable rate, a writer needs to finish at least an essay a day. Writers quickly learn the first rule of paid essays: abandon all aspirations to quality, right now. Continue reading...

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