14 Nov '14

News If social mobility is the problem, grammar schools are not the solution | Gaby Hinsliff

We must improve the education all deprived kids are offered, rather than merely promising more selectionBad ideas refuse to die; they just wait patiently for the next manifesto. I thought this line was a bit cynical the first time I heard it from a jaded special adviser. But having lived through several resurrections of the hoary old myth that building new grammar schools would boost social mobility, Im beginning to see the point.It was Londons mayor, Boris Johnson, who stirred the pot this week, declaring that scrapping the 11-plus had been a tragedy because selective schools were a great mobiliser and liberator for many people which will be music to the ears of those many Tories who grow misty-eyed over 1950s grammars and the wave of working-class talent they supposedly unleashed. Continue reading...

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