27 Aug '14

News If teenagers can stay in bed longer, why cant the rest of us? | Dean Burnett

Moves are afoot to let adolescents start school later, so they can get more sleep. Wouldnt that work just as well for adults?Sleep is good. We all need sleep. It is very rare to hear someone complain about getting too much of the stuff (unless they are diabetic). As the parent of a toddler who has thus far failed to grasp the concept of staying in bed past 6am, I am regularly bemoaning the shortfall of shut-eye in my life. But insufficient sleep can be quite a serious problem, and not just for parents of young children.A Wall Street Journal article has highlighted the potential move in the US to introduce later school start times for adolescents. While it may be a cliche for people to mock and laugh at teenagers for being lazy with their constant sleeping and lethargy, its actually not something they can control, and theres strong evidence to suggest that the need for more sleep at atypical times is a consequence of puberty. Continue reading...

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