21 Oct '14

News If you think film only works for teaching the arts think again

Using film in the classroom isnt a perk reserved for English and drama. Teacher Elizabeth Evans explores how science, geography and maths students can benefit I ventured to the back of the science lab, clipboard and observation sheet in hand. A group of hyperactive year 7 students followed me, high on sugar after lunch. It was the second to last period and I couldnt help but worry for the newly-qualified teacher (NQT) I was about to observe.He took the register and tried to settle the class. One threw a paper clip, another put his head on the desk while his friend yawned loudly. Nervously, the teacher spoke: Everyone focus on the images on the board. As you watch, work out what we are going to be learning about today. The teacher dimmed the lights and carefully chosen, short but shocking clips from An Inconvenient Truth lit up the classroom. The room fell silent and heads rose from desks. The students had to write down a learning question based on the emotive images they had seen. All learners now on task and engaged, I wrote. Continue reading...

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