3 Jul '14

News In praise of sports day | Editorial

Humiliation for some. But for those who may never win academic glory, a chance to shineFor thousands of children, this is one of the rare days when school is irresistible. To many of their parents, however, it is a day that still strikes dread in the heart. For them, sports days meant humiliation before both peers and, perhaps, parents last place in the egg and spoon race apparently confirming a fate as one of life's losers. But that must not detract from those for whom sports day is a moment to savour, a joyous break from the usual routine, and more importantly a chance for those who may never win academic glory to shine at last. For one day only, the criteria for success shift from the ability to do long division to the ability to do the long jump, a knack for reciting facts to a knack for running fast. Above all, sports day is a welcome escape from the classroom at school and the ever-present screens at home, a few hours of fresh air and, sometimes, sunshine. So abandon the dark memories and get down to the finish line. Continue reading...

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