29 Oct '14

News In their own words: Children's experience of poverty in schools

A Children's Commission on Poverty inquiry report reveals vividly what it looks and feels like for young people to stand out from their classroom peers because they are poorWhat's distinctive about the Children's Commission on Poverty inquiry is that it is led by, and informed by children and young people. The aim, says its report, was to enable us to see the impact of poverty on school pupils from their perspective, to appreciate "what it looks and feels like". They succeed.The report itself, ultimately written by an expert (adult) Children's Society secretariat, is impressive. It is worth plucking out some of the voices of children that are interspersed throughout, taken from interviews commissioned by the inquiry. Here you get the authentic, raw, unvarnished accounts that show the frustration of feeling different from, and falling behind, your school peers because you are poor. Continue reading...

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