18 Sep '14

News Inclusive sex education is vital and British schools arent delivering it | Peter Tatchell

Why isnt there a mandatory requirement to teach children about sexual health and diversity, including LGBT, in the same way as other curriculum subjects?Sex and relationship education (SRE) is failing millions of pupils. Many will return to school this month to receive mostly inadequate SRE. A survey of teenagers by the Sex Education Forum in 2013 found that a quarter of young people said their SRE was either good or very good, but slightly more (27%) said it was bad or very bad. The remainder (48%) rated their SRE as OK, well short of a positive endorsement. No wonder Ofsted describes SRE as not yet good enough.For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) pupils, the quality of SRE is even lower. One in three gay men diagnosed with HIV in 2012 were in their teens or early 20s, yet more than three-quarters of gay and bisexual young people receive no information at school about same-sex relationships or gay safer sex, according to the 2014 Metro report, Youth Chances. These failings border on child neglect, and have prompted a coalition of LGBTI, sexual health and HIV campaigners to this week publish an open letter to party leaders, MPs and the government, which urges that age-appropriate SRE be made compulsory in all schools and be required by law to address the needs of LGBTI young people. SRE isnt mandatory at present, and in most cases doesnt include LGBTI issues. Continue reading...

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