7 Oct '14

News Inside Steve Jobs schools: swapping books for iPads

Schools in the Netherlands have shunned textbooks and only use Apple tablets for teaching and learning. A year in, journalist Sarah Marsh investigates how pupils and teachers are faringThe glimmer of screens hypnotises a group of children who swipe their hands from side to side and then up and down, captivated by whats in front of them. This isnt a scene from a sci-fi film or a description of the electronics floor in Hamleys toy shop, it is life inside Netherlands new iPad schools.Just over a year ago, seven schools serving 1,000 four- to 12-year-olds opened their doors in cities such as Amsterdam and Almere. Because of their focus on learning through iPads, these institutions pioneered by market researcher and entrepreneur Maurice de Hond became known as Steve Jobs schools. There are now 22 of them across the Netherlands. Continue reading...

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