20 Jun '14

News Inspiring students with learning disabilities to take up a language

With a different approach, language lessons for students with special education can be inclusive, exciting and relevantJon Gore, now 25, was not diagnosed with dyslexia until after he'd struggled through French and German classes at school. "I always found the written part of it particularly hard," he says. "It's almost like a mental block when it comes to thinking what it is I need to say. I struggle with that in English, so when it comes to French and German, it's exacerbated.""I can't imagine the spelling in my mind. Sometimes I can't even begin to formulate what letters it's made up of. If I was trying to spell "bibliothèque", I know it starts with a "b", and there's got to be a "q" in there somewhere. I usually end up having to spell it phonetically, but obviously that doesn't always work out." Continue reading...

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