13 Aug '14

News Is the headteachers' alternative league table a good idea?

Headteachers unions and academies have announced plans to publish their own league table that doesnt just focus on exam results. But will the idea work? Share your views with usFed up with schools being assessed on exam results alone, a group of headteachers are planning on launching their own league table.The National Association of Head Teachers, National Association of School and College Leaders, the PiXL network and the United Learning group are establishing an alternative league table which will look at other aspects of school life including music and sport, the curriculum and class sizes as well as attainment. On new Headteachers league table @NUTonline evidence shows "collaboration between schools" is better than competition http://t.co/yY2Uh321E8In an ideal world league tables wouldn't exist at all as however they're generated they're going to be skewed http://t.co/y9nQYv58Qf@GuardianTeach Tables distract teachers from doing what they think is best & mislead parents who think that they actually capture reality@GuardianTeach It may give a fairer, more well-rounded picture of what is going on@GuardianTeach @TeacherROAR a good opp to find out what matters to parents and give them info they want in form that makes sense to them@GuardianTeach I think it is important to see success in a holistic way - not just through exam results. Look at HE league tables!@GuardianTeach If a more balanced view is shown where schools show all they do for each child rather than just in Eng & Math- excellent!@GuardianTeach great idea re schools collating data early but will likely be a sample of best outcomes and ensuing robustness is a challenge Continue reading...

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