21 Oct '14

News Jan Newton obituary

Educationist who helped ensure that citizenship became part of the national curriculumFor more than 25 years, Jan Newton, who has died aged 74, was in the vanguard of citizenship education in the UK. She was passionate about helping young people to become engaged citizens, by enabling them to acquire the requisite knowledge, skill and will. The launchpad for Jans contribution was the Citizenship Foundation, which was founded in 1989 with the support of the Law Society, to help educate and empower young people. I invited her to become a trustee and a year later she needed little persuasion to become full time co-director with Don Rowe, shortly thereafter becoming chief executive, while Don and Tony Thorpe concentrated on the foundations by then burgeoning programme of educational projects and materials.Daughter of Philip, a salesman, and Doris Huxley, Jan was born in east London. She came from a modest background and was brought up a Roman Catholic in Acton, west London. She was typically open about her childhood, declaring my dad sold Pepsi-Cola. After she left Godolphin and Latymer school, her exceptional talent took her on an English-Speaking Union tour of Canada before she read philosophy, politics and economics at St Hughs College, Oxford, where her moral tutor was Mary Warnock. Continue reading...

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