28 Oct '14

News Joe Bispham: 'You need a safe place to be able to say that was a shit lesson'

Educating the East Ends Joe Bispham on finding solace in talking to colleagues and how the show has highlighted teacher workloads English teacher Joseph Bispham appeared in the Channel 4 documentary Educating the East End, following the working lives of teachers at Frederick Bremer school in Walthamstow. Bispham is one of the schools newest recruits, now in his third year of teaching after leaving a career in politics to start Teach First. In the shows first episode he embarked on an ambitious journey to get his year 9 class excited about Shakespeare.I still dont really know what impact appearing on the show will have on my career. Initially I thought, are people going to watch this and what will they think of me? If you are a school in London and you get a job application from someone from Frederick Bremer, the show will be your first point of reference. But in school I dont think its changed other peoples perceptions of me staff have been very supportive. Continue reading...

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