8 Sep '14

News Labours Seema Malhotra: Sex education should start at Key Stage 1

The new shadow minister for preventing violence against women and girls explains why she wants to help young people growing up in such a complex online and offline worldIn Seema Malhotras first week as Labours shadow minister for preventing violence against women and girls, there were several grim reminders of why her job was created and how much work there was to be done. It wasnt just the almost unimaginable scale of abuse in Rotherham that hit headlines that week; it was also the news that rapes in schools had increased (320 had been reported in the last three years), with a student from Oxford reporting that the police had pressured her into dropping a rape charge. The retiring judge Mary Jane Mowat said rape conviction rates wouldnt improve until women stop getting so drunk and the American singer Cee Lo Green took to Twitter to say rape wasnt rape if the victim was unconscious. At the end of that final week of August, stolen nude photographs of female celebrities were leaked across the internet.This, on top of the shocking reality that there are nearly 13m instances of domestic violence against women, an estimated 85,000 women become the victims of rape, and 23,000 girls are at risk of FGM in the UK every year and it seems an oversight that Malhotras post didnt exist until now. Continue reading...

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