3 Nov '14

News Languages in schools: put down the textbook and pick up a drum

Recent event for language teachers and pupils explored how music and sport could help increase student engagementIm sitting in a drumming workshop when the first instruction comes to make as much noise as possible. The children respond instantly despite the fact that the drumming workshop is entirely in German. Im at Siemens London headquarters, which has been transformed for a collaborative event between the Goethe Institut and Oasis Silvertown Academy. Its just one of many activities put on for 400 excited primary and secondary students from eight schools in Newham to demonstrate that learning languages is more engaging when its interactive.Faced with a new national curriculum of compulsory language teaching in primary education, teachers must find a way to motivate pupils in whats often a brand new topic for them. A study released this year by the British Council found that 76% of state schools feel that implementing this and GCSE will be challenging. For many of those asked, the biggest challenge was motivating pupils. Continue reading...

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