12 Aug '14

News Last refuge for children excluded from school

According to new government figures, exclusions are rising but what becomes of pupils who are banned over and over again?An hour ago we had lunch, three adults and four children sitting around a table in a classroom. There was a sad story from one of the children about an empty fridge and a neighbour having helped out with breakfast that morning. One child, who was being taught entirely on his own at the school he attended before coming here, offered to clear my plate away. Another, so small and quiet it was hard to fathom how she could have been excluded from a mainstream school, hugged my legs.Now I'm in a classroom with a child and a teacher who is building today's lesson around the topic of interviewing people. Through the window a boy playing chase can be seen dashing around in the playground. Next door, and clearly audible through the walls so that the child in the classroom asks for ear defenders to block out the noise another boy is shouting his head off. Continue reading...

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