29 Jun '14

News Learning from learners: student feedback boosted my teaching skills

A love of contact with people lured Rory Gallagher from travelling to teaching. He explains how giving students a voice builds trust in the classroomRory Gallagher is a teacher of French and Japanese at the Thomas Hardye School in DorsetI got into teaching when I was 35 and applied to the graduate teacher programme (GTP). I'd done some teaching when I was younger at university I did Tefl and I taught in Japan as an assistant English teacher. But as a young graduate I wanted to travel the world, so my jobs were dictated by where I hoped to live I spent a lot of time in Corsica, for example, where I worked as a builder and decorator. It wasn't until I'd had a family that I decided to move to England, and teaching languages was one of the jobs available to me. Continue reading...

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