13 Jun '14

News Let's talk about sex: teachers back call for sex education to be compulsory

With porn and 'sexting' common at schools, campaign calls for sex education to be mandatory and for more teacher trainingAt the first mention of blood one of the boys faints; by the end of the year 8 sex education lesson at Chelmsford grammar school for boys, four more have passed out. It's a record, according to the head, Tom Sherrington, whose 20 years of teaching the topic has led him to expect at least one child to keel over when he talks about menstruation.Sherrington is an unusual headteacher, teaching a subject that is not only largely voluntary for his academy school but also controversial and complicated. When the sanitary towels come out "a normal and natural part of life for girls" one boy at this highly selective school puts his fingers in his ears and his head between his knees. Continue reading...

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