15 Jul '14

News London Oratory cherry-picks privileged white pupils, says watchdog

West London school uses complex faith-based entry system breaking 105 aspects of school admissions code, says reportThe Roman Catholic state school attended by Nick Clegg's son, which also educated two of Tony Blair's children, uses a complex, faith-based entry system to cherry-pick, in effect, a pupil population that is disproportionately privileged and white, according to a damning report by the schools admissions watchdog.In a ruling described by campaigners as the most robust ever released by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA), the London Oratory school was found to have broken 105 aspects of the school admissions code over two years: 63 instances involving students entering in September 2013 and 42 connected to this year's cohort. Continue reading...

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