1 Sep '14

News London parents want local councils to have more powers over schools

New research finds support for boroughs having greater influence over governance concerns and the provision of extra places Pinch, punch, its the start of that month when the kids go back to school after the long summer break. There will be grumbling and trepidation but also many justified high hopes, thanks to so many London schools doing so well. But who do London parents turn to if and when they think something at their childrens place of learning is going wrong? And who do they think it ought to be?A new report has found substantial variation and confusion about these things. According to research by YouGov for London Councils, parents are most likely to look to their local authority, rather than Ofsted or the Department for Education, if they have concerns about school governance or leadership, inappropriate treatment of their child by staff, educational issues or bullying. Continue reading...

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