22 Sep '14

News Make all state schools academies, says report by rightwing thinktank

Policy Exchange, set up by Michael Gove, says academy status is best way to equip schools for challenges aheadAll maintained schools, both primary and secondary, should be converted into academies in the next five years, according to a report by an influential thinktank. More than half (56%) of secondary schools are now academies; among primary schools, the figure is just 11%, partly because many parents and staff have been fighting battles to stop the academisation of popular primaries.Now, however, Policy Exchange, set up by former education secretary Michael Gove, is advocating a mass conversion to academy status, which it says is the best way to equip schools for the challenges ahead. Its report, entitled Primary Focus: The next stage of improvement for primary schools in England, focuses mainly on the future of primary schools, and while acknowledging improvements over the past decade, claims that one in five (3,000 schools) are at risk of failing from 2016 because of the introduction of tough new minimum standards in reading, writing and maths. Continue reading...

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