6 Oct '14

News Master chefs bring fine dining to Manchester comprehensive school

Adam Leavy and Sukhdev Singh give up restaurant jobs long hours to serve up kale chips and truffles to pupils of Loreto HighThe dishes wouldnt look out of place in a high-end restaurant: crispy garlic tortilla with fennel scented rice, peas à la française with freshly fried fish, pommes Anna with a panache of vegetables, followed by chocolate, rosemary and lemon truffles. Only the prices stand out: £2.35 for a full meal, including pudding and a drink.Thats what lunch costs at Loreto high school, a comprehensive in Chorlton, south Manchester, which has one of the fanciest school dinner operations in the country. Since last month the canteen has been run by two chefs who cut their teeth at one of Manchesters finest restaurants. Adam Leavy and Sukhdev Singh both used to cook at Michael Caines ABode, given a rave review by the Observer food critic Jay Rayner. Last year Leavy reached the semi-finals of Masterchef: The Professionals, wowing judges with hay roasted lamb, girolles, cauliflower couscous and verjum vinaigrette. Continue reading...

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