22 Jul '14

News Michael Gove: 'bogeyman' or 'the greatest education secretary ever'?

As he leaves his post in a cabinet reshuffle, we have some mixed farewell remarks from the education worldGove presided over the disintegration of our school system; he opened up teaching to untrained people in state schools, because he had contempt for professional educationalists. The restoration of professional teaching in our schools must now be an urgent priority. I'll remember him as someone who tried to dumb down the teaching of history by eliminating the teaching of skills and converting it to a mindless rote learning of a slanted patriotic version of events. With the history curriculum, he set up an elaborate consultation process, then after it was complete he ditched it and came up with his own half-baked ideas. And of course everyone rejected it. Fortunately, his attempt to foist his own rather ignorant and partial version of history on to the national curriculum was one of his many failures. Continue reading...

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