11 Jun '14

News Michael Gove's toxic assault on schools is based on naked discrimination | Seumas Milne

By branding religious conservatism 'extremism' in Birmingham, ministers are making it clear that different rules apply to MuslimsThe harassment of minorities on the basis of forged documents has a grim history. So the official onslaught on mainly Muslim state schools in Birmingham, triggered by what has all the hallmarks of a fabricated letter outlining a supposed Islamist plot to take them over, should be cause for deep alarm.Instead, the architect of the clampdown, education secretary Michael Gove, has been hailed by the bulk of the press for standing up to "extremism". Inspectors have now turned their attention to an alleged Islamic takeover of schools in Bradford, and a local MP has demanded action to halt the "Islamist infiltration" of east London politics. Continue reading...

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