19 Sep '14

News Michelin star chef in school, war on admin and weak checks on academies

Education roundup: Flaws in the system for dealing with conflict of interest in academy schools and the Department for Education calls for longer state school daysMichelin school meals. Phil Howard, a top chef who holds two Michelin stars for his restaurant in Mayfair, has teamed up with Cucina restaurants to prepare a menu for pupils at Edgbarrow School and Charters School as part of British Food Fortnight (running from Saturday 20 September to Sunday October 5). Scottish schoolchildren may be engaged in #ScottishReferendum but are #teachers in England devoting any time to it? http://t.co/CEcJIdhUOwWould love to see this sort of ongoing initiative on political engagement in schools. Note "run by pupils for pupils".http://t.co/VlEfMCoP1tNice, concrete reminders RT @GuardianTeach: How can headteachers and leaders promote staff wellbeing? http://t.co/Jjgqihwz8E Continue reading...

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