14 Oct '14

News Musharaf Asghar: My stammer has made me brave

Educating Yorkshire star Mushy reduced viewers to tears as he struggled with his speech difficulties. He talks about being a role model, Islamophobia and why hes lucky to have a stammerIts the politeness that squeezes your heart. When his voice fails him, frustration and embarrassment can be easily read in his large, brown eyes; but when he waves away his discomfort with a shy half-smile and a cheery mumble, the nation melts.Musharaf Asghar was the star of last years Educating Yorkshire, the reality TV series based in Thornhill Community Academy in Dewsbury. Among the bundle of blunt, fast-talking teenagers followed by the show, 16-year-old Mushsaraf had an acute stammer that threatened to silence him or at least stop him getting the grades he needed in his oral English exam to go to college. But thanks to his dedicated teacher, Mr Burton, and the useful trick of listening to music through headphones as he formed his words, learned from the film The Kings Speech, Musharaf (or Mushy as everyone called him) was finally able to speak haltingly but clearly in public and ended up giving an end-of-school speech to his whole year. Continue reading...

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