2 Jul '14

News My best lesson: I don't have one

Teachers can spend hours planning lessons with bells and whistles. But the essential thing is that our students learn at a steady pace and we don't go under with stressSix years teaching in a school may sound like a short amount of time, but that's six lots of 39 weeks and around 3,500 individual lessons. Surely one or two particular lessons must stand out as up there with my best?Well, that really does depend on what we mean when we talk about a "best" lesson. If my best lesson means the one which most impressed Ofsted, then why not use a recent observation? Before a maths class, I spent endless hours creating amusing superhero-style characters on the Foldify app, printed them off and enlisted the help of a student teacher and a teaching assistant to laboriously stick together the cuboids, cubes, square-based pyramids and cone designs. Continue reading...

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