24 Sep '14

News My sons education made him feel a failure - so I founded my own school

I decided I could do a better job. Kiran Sethi, dissatisfied with her sons education, designed her own curriculum - and watched her project flower into a campaign for child-friendly cities in IndiaKiran Sethi is a designer turned teacher who founded the Riverside school in Ahmedabad, India, in 2001 after dissatisfaction with her five-year-old sons education. She built her own curriculum based on a collaborative child-centred approach to teaching, aiming to empower students to achieve academically, make a difference in the wider community and feel good about themselves. The school now enrols almost 300 children, aged two to 12, and has franchised its curriculum worldwide. Although she still teaches in the classroom, Sethi also campaigns to make Indian cities more child-friendly and launched Design for Change, a global movement which asks children to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action.I am a designer, but when I became a mum my interest in education was sparked. It was really the bleak experience my son was going through that prompted me to take him out of school. He was five and he came home one day upset because the teacher had put a big red line across his homework and he did not know why. I decided I could do a better job. The mindset of a designer allows you to be optimistic about life and one of the key constructs of this is that we are not helpless and we can drive change. So I took him out of school and my journey to setting up the Riverside began. Continue reading...

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