6 Sep '14

News Nicky Morgan isnt continuity Gove shes even worse | Tristram Hunt

A change of education secretary has done nothing to disguise the scale of the Tory threat to educationIt wasnt supposed to be like this. When David Cameron decided to sack Michael Gove and replace him with Nicky Morgan, it was meant to restore a semblance of calm to the debate on education. Goves failure was not, the Tory logic reasoned, a rising attainment gap between poor students and their better-off peers; soaring numbers of unqualified teachers; radical agendas infiltrating state schooling in Birmingham; a string of failing free schools; or breaking a manifesto pledge by allowing large infant class sizes to rise by a staggering 200%. It was that he didnt employ an emollient-enough tone. Therefore, a change of face, it was assumed, would grant the Tories the political licence to continue implementing their discredited policies beneath the radar. Indeed, Morgan openly declared her intention to be little other than an auto-pilot, continuity Gove education secretary in an interview last weekend.This week, however, as a new school year begins in earnest, her mask of congeniality slipped, revealing behind it both the scale of the Tory threat to our education systems public values and the true intentions of an education secretary that, if anything, is even more hell-bent on their destruction than her predecessor. Continue reading...

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